Are you ready for the next level of exhaust sound..?


In a modern vehicle, you can no longer produce sound with a standart sports exhaust systsem as it once did in the older generation of vehicles! 

So we thought about it and found the solution with a system that generates electronic exhaust noise, which makes for an incredible sound. 

You can switch between sound versions like a V8-V10 or V12 sound!!!

Currently available for actually all current vehicle models that have a CAN BUS controller!

Just ask us if there is a system for your vehicle!!! 

Currently available for the most actual MERCEDES Models:

    A Class  176
    C Class  204 / 205
    CLA Class  117
    CLS Class  218  / 219
    E Class  207 / 212
    G Class  463
    GL Class  164 / 166
    GLA Class  156
    GLE Class  292
    ML Class  164 / 166
    S Class  221 / 222
    Vito V Class  639

Please send us your exact vehicle type and you get an offer as soon as possible.

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